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Terrorism in Indianapolis

July 18th, 2010 by Bart
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Peace in the Streets

Harsh? Not really. What’s different about some guy who parks a car full of gasoline and fireworks on a street in New York City, vs 1 or 2 thugs who open fire in a very crowded urban setting in Indianapolis?

In both cases it was an isolated societal misfit wanting to show the world he was a bad MoFo. In both cases the perp had no regard for anyone’s life and just wanted kill someone and run away to hide.

Same shit, different day.

What’s so regrettable about last night’s violence is that it was both predictable and preventable. We go through the same thing, in varying degrees, pretty much every year. It’s clear that the late-Saturday crowd is irresistable to a handful of terrorists who don’t have an interest in the attractions, only in their ability to dispense violence and then disappear into the crowd.

Now the lead person in charge of the event, IBE President Tanya Bell, has come out disavowing any connection – because the shootings didn’t happen ‘at’ an IBE event. What kind of leadership is THAT? I believe we heard the same thing last year only it wasn’t related to IBE because the last event of the day had ended an hour or two earlier.

OK, so why doesn’t Ms. Bell say something encouraging, like she’s going to consider shifting the Saturday schedule up a few hours so it all wraps up by 7 or 8 pm? Clearly, it isn’t working the way it is now. And the target demographic seems to be teens as young as 10 for this night of sanctioned events, so why do they need to be running around downown unsupervised until well past 10pm anyway?

It was funny to see the Thursday night Lady Gaga crowd referred to as ‘Little Monsters.’ They got nuthin’ on the Monsters of Saturday Night.

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  • 1 Matthew Stone Jul 18, 2010 at 2:25 pm

    When asked by WIBC’s correspondent around 11:00am this morning if anything was going to change, Ms. Bell responded “No”.

    I think I agree with your post. Just because the shooting didn’t happen during or after an event in one of the Expo’s building doesn’t disassociate it.

  • 2 Bart Jul 18, 2010 at 2:43 pm

    In 20 minutes, the Ballard, Straub and a couple ministers are supposed to have a news conference. I wonder if they will have anything for us other than a bit of handwringing and some ‘we need to do a better job’ rhretoric?